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We provide world class speech therapy for those who suffer from stuttering and other speech-related difficulties.

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Why us


World leading,choice of talented people

We are worldwide leaders of speech therapy specializing in stuttering therapy, who many overseas stutterers choose us each month.
More than 60% of the overseas stutterers who receive treatment from Lidazui have postgraduate studies.
Our clients mainly include people between 3 and 30 years old,Chinese and foreigners who can speak basic Chinese.


A good choice outweighs efforts

Lidazui One-on-One refuse methods that are ineffective or have a high recurrence rate,such as stuttered breathing exercise, public stammer speech, fear overcoming stuttering, stuttering orthosis and metronome, vocalization method, mental disorders of stuttering, and host pronunciation imitation.
The above methods have been proved to be useless by stammerers in the past decades. And they are recycled with new names every few years to cheat those who are eager for a cure.
About one-third of our stammerers have been experienced failed therapy before and were finally cured of their stutters in Lidazui One-on-One Speech Therapy For Stuttering.


Radical cure proved by 20,000 stutterers

Only those who have experienced failure elsewhere will understand the value of complete cure.
Every penny or minute spent on recurrence treatment is a waste of time and money; only effort towards complete cure is fruitful.
Short-term and low expenditure treatments will most likely result in relapse after a few weeks.


Has no influence on study/work

You can receive our one-on-one speech tutoring without needing to leave your home or ask for work leave, helping you avoid traffic and unnecessary personal risk.
You don't need to receive the stuttering treatment everyday, so you can avoid scheduling conflicts with study or work. We can also conform to your time zone.
One-to-one treatment is the best choice because everyone experiences different stuttering symptoms, degree of severity, and responses to treatment. This also avoids mutual influence between clients.


Research-based team/application model

The Beijing and Shanghai teams are equipped with the newest imported models of FMRI and tDCS. All coaches have successfully overcome stuttering, themselves, and have at least 5 years of teaching experience.
Unlike selling-oriented institutions, we don’t employ salesman, and we have an application process to ensure that clients meet some minimum requirements.
The research team has developed 21 Speech Therapy For Stuttering methods for different types of stuttering, all of which are exclusive to Lidazui One-on-One.


protect our privacy together

Your videos, audio, photos, etc. will never appear on the internet or be shown to other students without permission. There has not been a single leak during our operation of over 10 years.
Our company works with well-known global intellectual property protection agencies to ensure that students in China and abroad will not disclose the content of the courses.

Lidazui One-on-one Speech Therapy For Stuttering


One-on-one    Therapy online    complete cure

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